October 18-19, 2012


Please enjoy reading these abstracts provided by the authors in advance of the symposium.

Title Author(s)

Turning on the Light: Troubles with Epistemologies, Closets, Corsets, Chronologies, and Theories [Keynote Address] 

Bibliography and Resources

Roberta Lamb (Queen’s University)
  • Pedagogy of Pride
  • Cathy Benedict (Florida International University)
  • Deborah Bradley (University of Toronto)
  • Prevalence of victimization by bullying and hate speech among arts students in the middle and high schools of the United States
  • Bruce Carter (Independent Scholar) and Ken Elpus (University of Maryland)
  • Mary Cohen (University of Iowa) and Susan Haugh (Dreams of Hope: A Creative and Performing Arts Group for Queer Youth and Allies)
  • Ed Duling (University of Toledo)
  • Patrick Freer (Georgia State University)
  • LGBTQ issues in music education classrooms: An examination of inclusive practices used by in-service music educators
  • Matthew Garrett (Case Western Reserve University) and Fred Spano (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)
  • Elizabeth Gould (University of Toronto)
  • Kim McCord (Illinois State University) and Mandy Carrier  (Forest Park (IL) Middle School and Northwestern University)
  • Miroslav Pavle Manovski (Independent Scholar)
  • Stephen Paparo (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) and Bridget Sweet (University of Illinois)
  • Brent Talbot (Gettysburg College) and Karin Hendricks (Ball State University)
  • Don Taylor (University of North Texas)
  • Betty Anne Younker (Western Ontario University)

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